Does Upgrading Electrical Appliances Increase Home Value?

Does upgrading electrical appliances increase home value? YES, electrical appliances have become the top commodity for domestic upgrades. These appliances can determine how well your house runs.

By: Gareth Kelly – Expert Electrician, Founder of Kelly Electric, Co-owner of Dream Team Home Services

Which Electrical Appliances Should I Upgrade to Increase Home Value?

To prioritize, we should understand which appliances you should upgrade first.

Light Switches & Outlets

It is often overlooked, but replacing your light switches and outlets is a good place to start. Light switches are designed to not just keep the circuits in place, but to also make sure nothing gets in. Circuits can be dangerous and are not meant to be touched or tampered without the proper knowledge. Eventually, the old switches get damaged from simple wear and tear. It may sound subtle, but these can offer a lot of yield when it comes to your home’s value.


The condition of your current generator also has a factor with your home’s overall value. At Kelly Electric, we recommend Generac Automatic Generators. These can back up everything circuit based in most homes through a smart automatic transfer switch. The generator automatically turns on after 10 seconds whenever your home loses power and can even turn on when you aren’t home. They also use a weatherproof enclosure and can work through all bad weather. The value that a generator can add to your home depends on the generator, but Generac Automatic Generators can add a substantial amount of value to any home, and we highly recommend it.

Electrical Panel & Circuit Breaker

Does Upgrading Electrical Appliances Increase Home Value?

Lastly, having a high-grade electrical panel and circuit breaker can add a tremendous amount of value to your home. When your house goes up for sale, an inspector will look at your home’s features to make sure they are up to par. One of the first items they will check is your electrical panel and circuit breaker. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, they will record insufficient clearance, aluminum branch wiring, sharp-tips, damaged wires, improperly sized circuit breakers, and more. It’s smart to have this inspected routinely, and obviously before you choose to put it up for sale. A faulty circuit breaker can spell disaster for the entire inspection.


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