what is an arc fault breaker

What is an Arc Fault Breaker?

An arc fault breaker is designed to guard against electric arcs that can severely damage your circuits. This is done by monitoring circuits for electrical inconsistencies. If there are any abnormalities in electrical flow, the arc fault breaker will detect them and assess the potential damage. If the arc fault breaker determines that an electrical arc is too catastrophic, it will break the circuit, causing the electrical arc to dissipate and protect the rest of the circuits from further damage.

By: Gareth Kelly – Expert Electrician, Founder of Kelly Electric, Co-owner of Dream Team Home Services

What is an Electrical Arc?

An electrical arc is visible plasma discharge between ions. According to AFCISafety.org, electrical arcs can get dangerously hot, exceeding over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit within a second.

Electrical arcs can be serious if the proper precautions are not taken. For example, if a circuit breaker is broken in any way, or if a cord has a broken conductor, an electrical arc can occur. Due to its extreme and sudden burst of heat, the sudden surge of electricity can spark outside the wiring, and sparks can spontaneously combust causing an electrical fire. Given how quickly electrical arcs can form, this can happen at almost any moment. Arc fault breakers can react to these arcs instantly, proving them to be absolute necessitates in everyone’s home and can save hundreds of lives as well as protect against damages.

Do I need an Arc Fault Breaker?

According to 2017’s National Fire Protection Association report, there have been 45,210 domestic fires due to electrical arcs. Also, there have been a reported 420 deaths, 1,370 civilian injuries, and over $1.4 billion dollars in damages. The National Electrical Code in the US declares that arc fault breakers must be installed in all bedrooms and various other rooms to keep these statistics down. Arc fault breakers guarantee electrical safety, which is something that we at Kelly Electric take very seriously.

Arc Fault breakers will give your home protection from electrical arcs can save the lives of your family members and can also protect your property. Kelly Electric’s expertise in electrical services is unmatched and we are happy to answer any of your questions regarding electrical safety. Contact Kelly Electric by visiting our website here, or give us a call at (484) 454-5494.

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