Why Your Lights May Be Flickering & How To Fix It

If your lights are flickering, it is due to water damage in the electrical panel, meter socket, or disconnect. This can often be the cause, as water can cause corrosion and damage to the connections. Sometimes, improperly installed systems where the correct electrical materials were not used can also cause an issue.

Overloaded or outdated electrical panels can also cause flickering lights. If the panel is over capacity or not designed for the current load, it can cause the lights to flicker. If you have an overloaded or outdated panel, you should have it replaced by a qualified electrician.

In some cases, flickering lights can be caused by a loose connection in the meter socket, disconnect, or panel. This can cause the connections to overheat and fail. If you have a loose connection, you should have it repaired by a qualified electrician.

If your lights are flickering, it is important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired by a qualified electrician. This will help to prevent any further If you’ve ever noticed your lights flickering or dimming, it’s usually nothing to worry about. This phenomena is caused by a variety of factors, including power fluctuations, bad light bulbs, and electrical wiring issues.

While flickering lights are usually nothing to be concerned about, there are some instances where they can be a sign of a more serious problem. If you notice your lights flickering frequently, it’s best to have an electrician take a look to rule out any potential safety hazards damage to your electrical system.

There are many reasons why your lights may be flickering. It could be a problem with the electrical grid, a loose wire, or a faulty switch. If you are concerned about your flickering lights, please call us today, book online, or schedule an appointment to have one of our electricians take a look.


Author: Gareth Kelly, Founder of Kelly Electric and Co-Owner of Dream Team Home Services.electrician havertown pa 

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