Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient?

are ceiling fans energy efficientHave you ever left you ceiling fan on all day and asked yourself.. “are ceiling fans energy efficient?” Simply put, YES they are very energy efficient, especially when compared to the costs of running you air conditioner all day.

Benefits of Realizing that the Answer is YES to “Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient?”

Many dread the constant use of their air conditioners and the high electric bills. Instead of relying solely on your air conditioning, it may be better for you to invest in some new ceiling fans. Using ceiling fans either in tandem with your air conditioner or even instead of the A.C. unit, it has many advantages and cost-effective benefits that will help you and your wallet in the summer.

1. Lower Electric Bill

Using a ceiling fan can help you lower your electric bill during the warm weather months. Since the draft created in the room by the fan will make you feel cooler regardless of the temperature, you’ll be free to leave your A.C. a few degrees higher or leave your windows open while still feeling comfortable.

2. Location Versatility

Another reason why ceiling fans are a great solution to beating the heat is that they can be applicable for virtually every room in your home. They are practical cooling solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor enclosures!

3. Year Round Practicality

Ceiling fans won’t lose their purpose once the warm weather leaves for the year. Most units have a reverse switch that will push warm air down when it is cold outside, making them useful even during the winter months!

If you feel that ceiling fans are the right call for you and your home, Kelly Electric is equipped to help you through every step of the process from initial purchase to installation. Join us as we aim to beat the heat with ceiling fans! Contact us online or give us a call.

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