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Did you know that around one-third of all fires in buildings are caused by problems with electricity? Ignoring these dangers can lead to very serious outcomes. The first step is to understand when you need urgent help. Even if you think there might be a problem, it's smart to call a local emergency electrician. That's where Kelly Electric can help.

We really care about your safety. It's important to get help from professionals who know what to do. This not only reduces the chances of getting a shock or having a fire but also makes sure that all the work follows the rules. When you choose Kelly Electric, you're getting really good emergency help. We fix the issues and also prevent other problems that might come up soon.

the expert technicians at Kelly Electric can install power outlets, lighting fixtures and more

Common Signs that you need an Emergency Electrical Repair

Knowing when an electrical problem is really urgent can be hard because you might not be sure if it's a big emergency or just a small issue. Sometimes problems with wires can turn into big emergencies. If you're not sure, you can always ask us for help. You're not alone in this.

Here are some signs that might mean there's a big electrical problem:

  • Weird Smell: If you smell something like burning plastic and you can't find where it's coming from, it might be a danger from electricity.


  • Strange Noise: If you hear a buzzing or humming sound coming from the box where your electricity is controlled, that's not normal. It could mean there's too much electricity running, which can be really dangerous.


  • Power Keeps Going Off: If the electricity goes out a lot, it could be because the box that controls it is having problems. This needs to be checked quickly.


  • Lights Blinking a Lot: Sometimes lights flicker a little, which is usually okay. But if they keep blinking, it could be a sign of a bigger problem with the electricity.


  • Getting Shocked: If you touch something and you feel a shock, that's not good. It could be because of old outlets or things being broken.

Remember, if you ever see fire because of electricity, call for help right away by calling 911. After that, let an electrician check and fix the problem so it doesn't happen again. Your safety is important!

Is it safe to DIY your electrical problems?

Sometimes, you might be able to fix small electrical problems on your own, but when it comes to emergencies, it's not safe to do it yourself. When things go wrong with electricity in an emergency, there's a big risk of fire. Trying to fix it on your own is really dangerous. So, it's best to let experts handle it.

How much is an Emergency Electrician?

Every emergency situation is unique, so we can't give a fixed price for fixing electrical problems. We do charge a fee to send qualified electricians to your place to figure out what's going on.

The total cost to solve the issue will depend on the work needed, and we don't charge by the hour. We have locations in Media, PA, Havertown, PA and Paoli, PA so if you're nearby, we can come pretty quickly.

For most jobs, there are rules and permissions we need to follow. That's why we charge a fee, to make sure we send knowledgeable experts who know the rules. We'll also send the right person for the job, so the cost matches the complexity of the problem.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer same-day repair and next-day installation services. The expert electricians at Kelly Electric will arrive on time, give you clear options, and treat you and your home with respect. Our technicians are highly-trained, background checked, and drug tested. You can always trust that you're in good hands at Kelly Electric.

We provide fast and effective home electrical repair in and around Delaware County. As a local business with offices in Havertown, Media, and Newtown Sq., we're committed to providing the best repair services possible for our community. No matter your electrical problem, we can provide a quick repair and an affordable, upfront rate.

the expert technicians at Kelly Electric can diagnose and repair any issues with your electrical panel

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

Our Service Areas

Regardless of which commercial or residential electrical service you’re in need of, the electricians at Kelly Electric provide an array of interior and exterior electrical services in PA. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for any sized project. Below is the list of Pennsylvania Counties and towns we serve. If your area is not listed below, please call us at 484-454-5494 to see if we can help you.


Kelly did two great jobs for us. They replaced the last of the old knob and tube wiring in our hallway (two stories). The work was done quickly and cleanly. Shortly after this, we contracted with Kelly to install a whole-house generator - a huge job. The entire crew - closely supervised by the owner - was knowedgeable, hard-working, and courteous. They obtained the permits, consulted us about details, worked hard, and completed the job They also cleaned the site up carefully when the installation was complete. These are consummate professionals and we recommend Kelly highly..

Sandra Malard

Kelly Electric showed up on time and was very responsive throughout the entire time their team was working at our house. All of the fixtures they installed work perfectly and they left our house as clean as it was before they began doing work. The technician who we worked with made sure to verify where we wanted our fixtures installed before he began doing work and gave us honest recommendations for everything we were considering changing in our house. I would absolutely recommend them and will use them again if a need arises.

Devin Fox

I have now used Kelly electric for several major projects (installation of whole house generator, electrical upgrade in condo renovation, and rewiring of basement lights) and have been impressed each time with their responsiveness, professionalism and quality workmanship. Their prices are very reasonable. Would not hesitate to use then again in the future for other projects.

David Lin

Kelly Electric removed our knob and tube wiring. I called on a Thursday, Sean Mullan came the next day and gave me an estimate that afternoon, and work started the following Monday. They get an A+ for responsiveness! The men who did the work were great, too. It's not an easy job but they made it as painless for us as possible.

Susan Stewart

Gareth and his team are top notch! They performed a very large, very complicated job in my home, which included removing old knob and tube wiring. They then wired a complicated kitchen with every possible appliance. They are prompt, hard workers, clean, and efficient. Gareth is easy to contact, and manages his work teams well. I would highly recommend Kelly Electric.

Denise Gotsdiner

I've used Kelly Electric a couple of times since moving to Havertown, and have been very impressed - found them to be friendly, responsive, and reasonably priced. I would definitely use them again, and recommend them to others.

Elisabeth Flynn
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