Tips for Electrical Safety

At Kelly Electric, we take electrical safety very seriously. Over 50,000 home electrical fires occur each year, resulting in nearly 500 deaths and more than 1,400 injuries. This number doesn’t even take into account the injuries caused each year by electric shock from not handling appliances correctly. At Kelly Electric, we would like to do […]

Frayed Service Cables: NOT a DIY Job

When it comes to home improvement and maintenance, there’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself, in most cases. But you need to be very careful when you’re facing an electrical situation. There are risks and even dangers in almost every DIY home maintenance project, but few projects could actually result in electrocution or electric shock. […]

The Importance of Smoke Detectors

Some good news was reported over on the other side of the country this week in the town of Victorville, CA. According to the Daily Press, a Victorville family was saved by their smoke detectors when a fire broke out in their garage early Tuesday morning. The fire spread from the garage to the 1900-square-foot […]

How to be Safe During A Thunderstorm

How to be Safe During a Thunderstorm If you are a homeowner or a renter, everyone should know how to be safe during a thunderstorm. Here are 3 ways to be safe during a thunderstorm: Thunderstorm Safety Tip #1: Surge Protectors Surge protectors are the best way to minimize the damage that a lightning strike […]

Outdoor Outlet Safety

Outdoor Outlet Safety Here are some steps to ensure outdoor outlet safety in your home. Use Weather Proof Outlets The National Electric Code requires the use of a GFCI outlet. The primary function of GFCI outlets is to detect ground faults, but they also prevent shock and electrocution. GFCI outlets monitor the amount of electricity […]

Arc vs Ground Fault

Arc VS Ground Fault + safety What is the difference between an arc fault vs ground fault? It is important to know the difference so that you are able to take the correct safety steps. Arc Fault An arc fault is an unintentional discharge of high energy and short duration. Acting as a spontaneous spark […]

Do Home Inspectors Check Electrical?

Do Home Inspectors Check Electrical? Do home inspectors check electrical? YES, a home inspector needs to check electrical. Electrical home inspections involve checking wires, sockets, outlets panels and more. Inspections regularly check and diagnose your homes for any issues regarding safety and performance. It is very important in home safety inspections, as they will help […]

What is an Arc Fault Breaker

What is an Arc Fault Breaker? An arc fault breaker is designed to guard against electric arcs that can severely damage your circuits. This is done by monitoring circuits for electrical inconsistencies. If there are any abnormalities in electrical flow, the arc fault breaker will detect them and assess the potential damage. If the arc […]