Most homeowners settle for the simple porchlight and only check to see if it works every now and then. However, at Kelly Electric we know that residential landscape lighting is a fundamental utility that can show off your home, in ways that no other feature can. Today, we will be going over how lighting can change the way your home is perceived.

When it comes to proper lighting, you want to work with the best equipment available. At Kelly Electric, we emphasize that LED landscape lighting is the superior choice. They shine brighter, and when placed in certain points can draw much attention to a specific point, which is what exterior lighting is all about. They also use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, so you are saving more electricity as well. We recommend landscape lighting along pathways and entryways, your driveway, around trees, the perimeter of your patio, steps, and any water features you may have.

From a design standpoint a softer light is more effective at creating dramatic and beautiful lighting effects on your house. Using lights that generate too much wattage can over saturate the effect. While brighter lights emphasize dramatic points for the eye to catch, the softer lights cast a gentle veil over your home, wrapping it in an air of elegance and prestige. They also use shadows to create a strong contrast between light and dark.

There is also the practicality aspect to landscape lighting. Illuminating your steps at night or during a rainy day can be a big lifesaver as well as extending the time you can spend outside enjoying your backyard.

Finally, they can add a layer of home security. The better your house is lit, the fewer places there are for home invaders to hide. It is a good idea to luminate the entrance points to your home, so you can call attention to these areas and make them less approachable for strangers.

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At Kelly Electric, we are happy to accommodate any size home for electrical repair or installation work. We can also perform complete home safety inspections for your peace of mind as well as dozens of other services involving your next lighting project.