More homeowners than ever are purchasing electric cars, creating a growing demand for accessible charging stations. At Kelly Electric, we consider electrical safety a priority and provide Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) installations in your home to make charging your electric car both safe and convenient.

The Future of Electric Cars

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that more than half of all cars on the road by 2040 will be powered by electricity. While Tesla is one of the leading manufacturer of fully-electric cars that go 200 miles on one charge, there are many new competitors entering the market. GM recently released a car that goes almost 240 miles, Audi plans to introduce an electric SUV that can go 300 miles by the end of this year, Ford will be selling one by 2020, and Volkswagen could have an astonishing 30 models by 2025. With these expanding sales of electric cars comes an increased need for sustainable charging points.

EVSE Basics

Electric Vehicle Service Equipment is simply the equipment installed in your home that converts A/C electricity to D/C electricity in order to charge your car via a wall-mounted box, cord, and plug. The charger itself is technically buried within the car while EVSE is the protocol that keeps you and your electric car safe while charging. It provides the two-way communication between the charger and car to ensure that the correct current is provided, which prevents hardware faults, battery damage, electrical shorts, and in the worst-case scenario, fire.

Installation 101

While some recommend using a contractor referred by the car dealership for EVSE installations, these contractors typically charge high, overpriced premiums. However, the skilled, licensed electricians at Kelly Electric are trained and qualified to have your EVSE installation underway at a fair and honest price. Before choosing the location of your EVSE, think about where your electric car will be parked. Additionally, consider if you’re planning to move or switch parking locations before deciding between hardwire installation compared to a more portable option.

Of course, Kelly Electric is here to answer all your EVSE-related questions! Give us a call at 484-454-5494 today or reach out to to schedule your EVSE installation today!