We talk a lot in this blog about saving energy and electricity. After all, we here at Kelly Electric can help you with electrical installations, repairs, and regular maintenance, but conserving energy is up to you!

However, there are a lot of myths out there when it comes to saving electricity and electrical safety. These myths get passed on and are taken as fact when in reality they could be detrimental to energy conservation and your safety.

With that in mind we put forward our list of common electrical myths and debunk them!

MYTH: It takes more energy to turn a computer on than it does to just leave it on.

Truth: Nope. Not true! There’s no substantial power surge when you turn on a computer. Sure, there’s a surge present, but it’s so insignificant you literally can’t measure it. It happens for only a fraction of a second and it’s definitely not costing you extra money in terms of energy use.

Turning your computer off when it’s not in use will always save on electricity. However, many computers have power saver features that will put the computer in hibernation if not in use. This might be more convenient, but when you plan on an extended period of no use, always shut it down.

MYTH: When a wire falls to the ground, it can’t hurt you.

Truth: Always treat a downed wire as energized. If the line falls on a poor conductor, like asphalt, the wire will not short circuit.

MYTH: Power lines are insulated.

Truth: A majority of power lines are not insulated and even insulated lines could have lost its insulation from bad weather or storms. Best bet is to leave power lines for electricians!

MYTH: Flipping a breaker off and on will reset it if it was tripped.

Truth: Not untrue, but this phrasing is a bit misleading. If there’s a short circuit going on, simply flipping the breaker won’t reset. However, the real part of this phrasing that’s misleading is the word “flip”. There needs to be a firm press on the circuit breaker handle. Strongly press the breaker to OFF, and then strongly to ON. Don’t be afraid to use some extra elbow grease!

Have your own questions about safe electrical practices? We’re always here to lend some advice. Feel free to email us via service@kellyelectriccoinc.com or call us at 484-454-5494.