Some good news was reported over on the other side of the country this week in the town of Victorville, CA. According to the Daily Press, a Victorville family was saved by their smoke detectors when a fire broke out in their garage early Tuesday morning.

The fire spread from the garage to the 1900-square-foot home. Unfortunately, damages are estimated at $72,000 and a vehicle inside the garage was completely destroyed. But if you consider how bad this could have been for the family, the monetary concerns are low on the priority list. Cars can easily be replaced — a loved one can not.

As an Electrician…

Being an electrician, it’s truly uplifting to come across a story where a smoke detector did its job successfully and saved a family from certain peril. It’s reassuring to know that households are getting the message when their electricians or local firefighters remind them to check the status of their smoke detectors every month and change out batteries when needed.

But unfortunately not everyone gets the message. Sure, smoke detectors can be annoying when batteries run low — has anyone here not been driven crazy by the low battery chirping? — but the worst thing a person can do is take out the battery or disconnect it from the house wiring. Though this can temporarily fix the problem of a noisy smoke detector, it jeopardizes everyone who lives in that household.

This is also true of carbon monoxide detectors and natural gas detectors. These detectors are just as important to maintain a safe home. Carbon monoxide is one of the most common household threats, and half of our country has laws requiring CO detectors in residential buildings. Meanwhile, natural gas leaks can lead to absolutely catastrophic explosions. Usually a gas leak can be easily detected by our noses due to its rotten egg smell, but a natural gas alarm is a great supplement for added safety.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

We have been installing these types of detectors since Kelly Electric was a one-man operation in 2001 and have always been encouraging our customers to keep their homes safe with these three detectors. Fortunately, 3-in-1 detectors are now on the market. These detectors will sound an alarm for smoke, carbon monoxide and natural gas, ensuring that your house is fully protected from these common hazards.

Take a look at your smoke detectors today and really think about your home’s safety. If you think it’s time to upgrade your detectors, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Give us a call to inquire about these special 3-in-1 detectors. We can order the actual alarm and install it for you no problem, and at a reasonable price, too!

If you’re already well-prepared, then keep at it! And don’t forget to test your detectors every month. It’s absolutely essential for protecting you, your loved ones and your home.