There’s nothing worse than when you waking up in the morning and getting cold feet as soon as you enter the bathroom. Not only that, but you also experience this when you’re finished showering and the bathroom is all warm and steamy but the floor feels ice cold. To make sure your day gets off to a more pleasant start, look into getting a heated floor to provide your bathroom with added warmth, especially during the cold winter months. Let’s take a look at the types and benefits of heated floors.

When looking into installing a heated floor, it’s important to understand that an electric heated floor has an electrical current that is applied to a heating element. An electric heated floor is best suited for homeowners looking to add a more cost effective, simpler form of heating the floor.

When it comes to installing an electric heated floor, you will need to hire an electrician. Your electrician will lay the heating cables and the mesh mats that they are intertwined with. They are then covered by your tile or the floor surface of your choosing, preferably ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles. These types of tiles will respond more quickly to the temperature, unlike wood which can take longer to adjust.

When looking into installation of a heated floor, safety is a common concern for many people. When you get your heated floor installed, you will need a 20-amp GFCI protected circuit to protect against exposure to water. Also, heated floors today has various features that regulate temperature, so you won’t be at risk for overheating.

As far as temperature control for your heated floor, a thermostat will be included along with your electrical control to help you regulate the temperature. This can be extremely beneficial, especially in the colder months. You can even look into getting a control that has a timer. This will allow your floor to be heated upon entrance into the bathroom, talk about comfort!

One of the most common concerns when getting a heated floor installed is: how will it affect my utility bill? The simple answer is no. A heated floor will not cause a dramatic hike in your utility bill, because the floor is only heating a small room in your home, not the entire house. Also, if you have a timer to control when you would like the heater to be on, you can cut costs by turning it off when no one is home or will not be using the shower.

If you are looking to add warmth to your bathroom with a heated floor, be sure to give Kelly Electric a call today! Our experienced and professional staff is fully equipped with the tools and skills needed to keep your bathroom warm during these winter months.