With the cold weather and snow gone, people typically begin to think a lot more about home improvement, especially outdoors in areas that are seldom noticed in the freezing temperatures. Studies show that people are also less likely to embark on indoor home improvement projects during the cold months due to factors like lack of energy and seasonal depression. Whatever the reason, we’re not blaming you – we’re glad winter’s over too!

Home improvement is a gradual process, so it’s best to focus on one thing at a time. One such area worth considering is your home’s lighting. The details are what make the difference in your quality of life, so we recommend that you treat yourself with some detailed lighting solutions for your home’s interior and exterior. Here are some ideas…

Interior Lighting Upgrades

Recessed/ambient lighting: A recessed light that’s flush with your ceiling can look much better than one that’s jutting out. A sconce on your wall can really set the mood in a room. A chandelier can be the centerpiece of any room. These are just examples – the possibilities are endless.

Light dimmer switches: Dimmed lights save energy and are also good for your eyes. Unless you’re reading or cooking, you probably don’t need the full power of your light source. A dimmer switch is a no brainer for any room in any home.

Timers: Light timers have a lot of utility. If you’re on vacation, you may want your lights to come on automatically when it gets dark out. If you leave your lights on by accident, you might want to make it so your bathroom lights can only be run on timers. The main purpose here is to save energy and thus money with light timers.

Conversion to energy efficient lighting: We have a lot of options if you’re trying to save money on your electric bill by having energy efficient lighting installed. Options like LED’s and CFL’s can save you hundreds a year on your electric bills.

Outdoor Lighting Improvement

Spotlighting: Second only to having a vicious guard dog, motion-activated spotlighting is a great way to keep vandals, thieves and other vagrants off your property. You can set the timer on the spotlight so it only comes on when it’s dark outside.

Walkway, step and deck lighting: For one thing, walking at night without adequate lighting can be a safety hazard. Furthermore, no one likes hanging out on a dark deck except for potential intruders.

Pool lighting: Swimming at night without lighting on the ground of or pointing at the deck of your pool can be a slippery situation, literally. We can make your pool look great at night.

Landscape lighting: You work so hard at keeping your yard in tip-top shape, you might as well show it off at night too. The overall appearance of your home will undoubtedly benefit from some beautiful and professionally placed landscape lighting.

Need Lighting Installed?

If you have any other lighting requirements for inside or outside of your home, feel free to reach out to us anytime. All of our work has a one-year warranty attached to it, and we offer 10% off to first-time customers. We hope to talk to you soon!