Winter is right around the corner which means we can all gear up for cold weather and, of course, snow. Yes, that’s right, we all just can’t get enough of that snow, right? Our kids love snow days, sledding, making snowmen, and snowball fights. And some of us grown-ups do, too! There’s nothing like some quality time with the kids outdoors enjoying the snow, just like we did when we were kids.

But with snow comes many headaches. Aside from shoveling, salting our driveways and sidewalks, and making sure we can safely back our cars out onto the road, there are other pressing issues that the severe winter weather brings.

And that, friends, is blackouts. Thanks to an increased level of severe weather events season after season and a utility infrastructure that has only gotten older, there have been an increasing number of power outages that seem to last longer and longer during each period. Our region especially is vulnerable to the effects of bad storms in the winter, occasional hurricanes, and power grids that are just too worn down.

Some recent statistics from 2011 tell the tale:

– 3,071 power outages were reported across the country, affecting over 40 million people.

– An average number of 21,109 people were affected in each outage in 2011.

– The average duration of power outages was 221 minutes, roughly 3 and a half hours.

– The number of blackouts is growing in number and severity every year. Over the past three years, outages affecting over 50,000 people at any given time increased from 42 to 109 in two years.

What’s the solution?

Unfortunately there will never be a solution for bad weather. But you can certainly protect yourself and your home from a possible blackout. Blackouts may have had a novel sense of adventure back in the old days. Grab your flashlights, listen to the radio, tell stories, and after an hour or two, you’d be back to normal.

But these days, our whole entire lives run on electricity it seems. So why not make sure your home and family are protected? A whole-home generator is without a doubt the best option when it comes to this. And with Generac generators – not just our trusted brand, but trusted by many other electricians in the area – you get reliable warranties on top of our very own guarantees. You also get awesome MobileLink technology that allows you to monitor the status of your generator from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

There’s no reason for you and your family to worry during a power outage. Give us a call today and ask about our whole-home generator options and how you can save $500.