Here in the Northeast, we’re no strangers to cold winters and frequent snow, ice and wind. At Kelly Electric, we consider electrical safety a priority and there are extra precautions you need to take if the power goes out in a snowstorm.

Before the storm

To prepare for snow and a potential power outage, make sure all flashlights have working batteries, and that phones and portable power banks are charged in case of emergency. Stock up on blankets and warm clothing, especially if your home doesn’t have a backup heat source such as a fireplace. If you’re expecting to lose power, crank the heat since the warmer your home is to start off, the longer the heat will last. 

During the storm

In the event that you do lose power in the midst of a storm, dress warmly to stay safe and prevent frostbite. Take advantage of the sun for heat by opening blinds to let light into your home. Switch off lights and sensitive appliances like TVs, microwaves, computers, and garage door openers so that damage and overloaded circuits don’t occur when the power is restored.

After the storm

Watch for hanging electrical wires, especially when you resume driving as they are one of the leading causes of car accidents in the winter. Assume a downed power line is a live one even if it isn’t smoking or sparking to avoid getting electrocuted. If flooding from the snow and ice melting occurs, reach out to Kelly Electric, so we can ensure no electrical systems need repair. When the power comes back on, don’t plug in any appliances that got wet during the storm.

For Next Time

Consider buying a generator for your home or business for the next time there is a power outage for both your convenience and safety. Kelly Electric is an authorized dealer of Generac Automatic Generators, and we provide installation by expert technicians as well as financing. We offer generators ranging from portable and inexpensive to more luxury and automatic, depending on your budget and needs. Don’t be in the dark (and cold) the next time a blizzard hits! Feel free to contact us at (484)454-5494 or visit today!